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Activities to support integrated management of IP
Activities to strengthen IPO-Pakistan
Activities to strengthen the IP system
Details of events and activities



Modernizing Pakistan’s IP system is a key component of the EC-Pakistan TRTA Project. It is implemented in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The Government of Pakistan attaches great importance to the full use of intellectual property (IP) instruments. These instruments - patents, trademarks, geographical indications, and copyright – serve to enhance innovation and strengthen competitiveness in international markets.

The EC-Pakistan TRTA Project addresses a number of areas identified by the Government as priority concern. These include: a review of the IP policy and institutional framework; strengthening operations of the IP Offices; greater expertise in the use of IP instruments to promote trade and investment; and heightening awareness among IP users in various target groups.

To address these in a systematic way, activities are divided into two broad clusters:
1. support for integrated management of IP.
2. strengthening IP system/offices.


1. Activities to support integrated management of IP

The Government recently addressed serious organizational shortcomings in IP integrated management by bringing the three IP offices under a single “umbrella”, the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan).

Prior to that, the IP organizational structure had been somewhat fragmented, with the three different IP Offices (Patent Office, Trademarks Registry, Copyright Office) reporting to three different Ministries (Industries, Commerce and Education). This led to policy makers having difficulty in giving in-depth consideration to IP issues, such as ways of leveraging IP to promote innovation and competitiveness; the need to accede to international instruments, the optimal levels of enforcement; and ensuring proper financial resources and staff levels for the IP offices.

IPO-Pakistan, based in Islamabad under the supervision of the Cabinet Division, is now responsible for all IP activities in Pakistan, including the work of the IP offices, which will continue to operate from Karachi. The Director General is Mr. Yasin Tahir, a senior civil servant, and a Policy Board has been established with members from the Ministries concerned and other stakeholders. The Board’s Chairman, Mr. Munnawar Hamid, is from the private sector.


Activities to strengthen IPO-Pakistan

The EC-TRTA Project integrated number of activities in anticipation of the creation of IPO-Pakistan, with a view to strengthening the new organization and helping it formulate strategic IP policies. They include:

• Preparation of working papers on.
  (i) integrated management of IP.
  (ii) national IP strategy.
• A Roundtable on Integrated Management of IP.
• A National Seminar on IP Strategy.
• Study visit of officials in departments concerned to selected, integrated IP Offices.
• Provision of computers/office equipment.


2. Activities to strengthen the IP system

Activities to strengthen the IP system include:

• Protection of Geographical Indications (GIs)
  – advice on draft GI legislation.
  – preparation of inventory/database on GIs.
  – consultations/workshop on GIs.
• Support to IP Offices.
  – digitizing of TMR records.
  – training courses of TM and Patent examiners.
  – provision of computer/office equipment.
• Workshops/Consultations on:
  – protection of industrial designs.
  – accession to the Madrid System.
  – enforcement of IP.
  – protection of copyrights in the digital environment.
• Fellowships at University of Turin (LLM Course)IP awareness activities.
  – development of IP website.
  – provision of material on IP.


Details of events and activities

(i). Roundtable on Integrated Management of IP, held in Islamabad on August 29 and 30, 2005.

The objective was to provide a forum for sharing views and experiences on the organization, financing and optimal management practices of integrated intellectual property offices and thereby contribute to IPO-Pakistan efforts to adopt modern and effective management practices.

The participants included heads/senior officials of IP Offices of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom. Participants from Pakistan included senior officials of IPO-Pakistan, government officials from the departments concerned, IP lawyers, and private sector stakeholders.

Roundtable on Integrated Management of IP: program and the annotated agenda.

(ii). Preparation of Paper on Integrated Management of IP.

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An initial draft of this paper, prepared by Ms. Liew Woon Yin, Director General of the IP Office of Singapore (IPOS), and a WIPO Consultant, was shared with IPO-Pakistan, and elements of were also discussed at the Roundtable on Integrated Management of IP. The paper is now being finalized on the basis of feedback from IPO-Pakistan.

(iii). Preparation of a Working Paper on a National IP Strategy.

WIPO Consultant Ms. Liew Woon Yin held detailed discussions with a wide-range of stakeholders to prepare a working paper on a National IP Strategy for consideration by Pakistan’s policy makers.

(iv). Digitization of the Records of the Trade Marks Registry (TMR)

Over 100,000 documents have been scanned and incorporated into TMR databases, greatly enhancing the quality and speed of the TMR’s services.

(v). Roving Workshop/Consultations on Industrial Designs in Karachi, Sialkot, Lahore, March 2005.

These workshop/consultations were organized to consider issues surrounding the effective protection of designs in sectors such as textiles, jewellery and furniture, a subject of special interest to the many small and medium-sized enterprises active in these sectors.

(vi). Advisory Mission on Geographical Indications (GI) Legislation, Islamabad, April 2005.

A WIPO expert held detailed consultations with government officials and stakeholders on draft GI legislation to facilitate its finalization by the authorities.

(vii). Training Course for Trademark Examiners, Karachi, July 2005.

A WIPO official and one of Pakistan’s leading IP lawyers conducted an intensive, week long, training course in Karachi. It was attended by some 21 TMR officials who greatly appreciated its help in enhancing their capacity to expedite examination processes and offer quality services to their users.

(viii). Fellowships.

Two Pakistan nationals were granted fellowships to follow the LLM degree course on IP at the University of Turin. The Fellows are: Ms. Aisha Makhdum, Deputy Secretary, WTO Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad and Mr. Javaid Akhter, Assistant Professor, University Law College, University of the Punjab, Lahore. The aim of these fellowships is to augment the pool of the trained persons involved in IP teaching.

(ix). Provision of Office Equipment.

Tenders are out for provision of computer workstations, multimedia projectors and photocopiers for the TMR and the Patent Office to assist in the automation of their projects and enhance their capacity to undertake public outreach programs.