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Past activities Component 1

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Hands-on training in operational Reference Centres

Hands-on training in operational Reference Centres was provided between 24 January and 11 February 2006. The training aimed to identify the needs and limitations of the reference centre staff, identify priority development areas, and start working together on concrete ways to improve their services.

Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan  

Training of Trainers on Market Analysis

An intensive training of trainers workshop was held from 14 – 17 February 2006. The training aimed to ensure that a small group of trainers were confident presenting, demonstrating and teaching with ITC’s market analysis tools. Participants represented a good mix of the various trade support bodies, academia and private consulting. The courses were received with much enthusiasm and determination.

Karachi, Pakistan  

Training - National Tariff Commission

Training was provided from 27 – 30 March 2006 to help senior officials understand the basic concepts of Accounting, Audit and Finance, their practical application, and how to use this knowledge to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in their work assignments. Participation in the seminar included nine officials from the National Tariff Commission and one from the Ministry of Commerce. The four-day training was based on the EC application of the trade remedy law, rules and regulations.

Brussels, Belgium  

Training - National Tariff Commission

Training was provided from 10 – 22 March 2006 to 13 staff of the National Tariff Commission, to acquaint them with the basics of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.The training was split in three modules –1: Introduction to Accounting; 2: Cost & Management Accounting; 3: Basics of Audit & Finance.

Islamabad, Pakistan  

Training of Ministry of Commerce staff on Market Analysis Research

Training sessions were held from 6 – 8 April 2006 with staff from the Ministry of Commerce’s WTO, Foreign Trade and Export Wings. Sessions focused on the respective specialization of each wing – with the WTO Wing on market access issues, the Foreign Trade Wing on bilateral analysis, and the Export Wing on general application of all the tools. Participants were well informed and particularly interested in issues of export potential and market selection.

Islamabad, Pakistan  

Training of Trainers on Market Analysis

An intensive training of trainers workshop was held from 11 – 14 March 2006. The training aimed to ensure that a small group of trainers were confident presenting, demonstrating and teaching analysis with ITC’s market analysis tools. Participants represented a good mix of the various trade support bodies, academia and private consulting. The courses were well received. SMEDA, LCCI and IBA staff gave much confidence that market analysis skills with MAS tools will be well transferred in Pakistan.

Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan  

National Services Workshop

A well-attended National Services Workshop held in Karachi on 26 – 27 May 2006 workshop brought together the services industry regulators and private sector representatives of service associations and service firms to discuss the enhancement of service firm competitiveness, the services export potential of Pakistan, and services issues at play in negotiations under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) in the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Karachi, Pakistan National Services Workshop report

National Workshop on “Trade Information Networking"

A workshop for the staff of the 3 Reference Centres was held in Lahore on 23 – 25 May 2006. After more than a year of operation, representatives shared their experiences and lessons for improving efficiency and impact; and formulated recommendations for the future. Participants discussed issues such as access to information sources, documentation management, management of Internet links, shared bookmarks, Internet search techniques, dissemination options, charging possibilities, efficient service delivery, medium term sustainability, etc.

Lahore, Pakistan  

Training programme on Trade Facilitation

A training workshop on the WTO trade facilitation negotiations was held in Geneva on 25 – 28 July 2006 for high-level officers from Pakistan. The training offered participants the opportunity of direct contact with the main negotiators in Geneva in order to gain a better understanding of the negotiation process and the issues being discussed. The workshop will enable them to better support the trade facilitation work of the Permanent Mission of Pakistan, and to contribute more effectively to defining Pakistan’s negotiating position on trade facilitation.

Geneva, Switzerland Documents under Training programme on Trade Facilitation

Seminar on WTO Agriculture negotiations

A well-attended seminar in Lahore on 6 – 7 July 2006 looked at the way the WTO Agriculture negotiations will influence the global and national conditions of doing business. Discussion was designed to bring out the new market access opportunities and threats for business. Presentations looked at the multilateral and regional situations, before focusing on Pakistan’s Wheat, Sugar, Dairy and Rice sectors. Participants were keen to ensure that Pakistan does not 'miss out' on any potential benefits from an Agreement on Agriculture. In expressing this concern, they felt there needed to be better understanding of business and producer concerns by government negotiators, and a better understanding of and capacity to participate in a dialogue to share these concerns.

Lahore, Pakistan

Seminar proceedings (to come)

National agriculture study (to come)


Public-private consultation roundtable

Meetings in Karachi (25 July) with the private sector, and in Islamabad (27 July) with public sector representatives, sought to take further discussion on ways that the consultation between government and the private sector on trade policy might be strengthened. These were part of a series of meetings that will culminate in the development of recommendations for consideration by the government by the end of 2006.

*A planned meeting in Lahore with the private sector did not proceed as planned due to organizational problems.

Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan*  
July Service Export training with SMEDA    
September - December Support to the WTO Cell of the Export Promotion Bureau Karachi, Pakistan  
September Market Profile Course Lahore, Pakistan  

Publication and dissemination of two Services

educational brochures in English and Urdu

September Service Export Training Lahore, Pakistan  

Launch of Pakistan customisation of ‘International Trade Rules

An answer book on the WTO Agreements for small and medium-sized exporters’ publication in English and Urdu

Islamabad, Pakistan  
October Launch of electronic database of information resources for services exporters and SMEs Lahore, Pakistan  
November Seminar on WTO NAMA negotiations Karachi, Pakistan  

Launch of Pakistan customisation of ‘Trade in Services

An answer book for small and medium-sized exporters’ publication

November Public-private consultation national meeting Islamabad, Pakistan  
November Sectoral seminar    
November Seminar on WTO Trade Facilitation negotiations Karachi, Pakistan  
November Training programme on NAMA negotiations Geneva, Switzerland  
November National Service Workshop    
December Presentation of final report with recommendations for strengthening the public-private trade policy consultation dialogue Islamabad, Pakistan  
December Presentation and dissemination of five sector studies    
December Follow-up Trade Information consultancies    

Training of Pakistani officials on Trade in Services

A Pakistani Government official attended the UNCTAD expert mission on professional services from 17-19 January. This was complemented by individual training sessions with UNCTAD experts on services related issues.
Geneva , Switzerland  

Training on GATT and WTO agreements

UNCTAD delivered a Specialized Training course on International Trade and Economic Issues from 16-18 of February 2005. The training was organized in conjunction with the Pakistan Foreign Service Academy. The purpose of the training was to provide participants of the course with insights on several GATT and WTO agreements, particularly from the development perspective, the importance of the multilateral trading system, the rights and obligations of WTO members, the Doha work programme and the July 2004 package.
Islamabad , Pakistan  

Establishment of WTO reference center in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce

A WTO Reference Centre was set up at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce. The reference centre was equipped with computer hardware and relevant software. Officials from the WTO delivered a two-day training on the DDA Agenda, the July 2004 Package and the 2005 follow-up of the negotiations. Two days of training sessions were dedicated to the WTO Data Bases; i.e. the WTO Website (Public and Member), the Integrated Data Base (IDB), the Consolidated Tariff Schedules (CTS), the Services Electronic Schedules data base, the Statistics Data Base, the Documents on line (public and restricted), the DVD and CD-ROM training supports, and on-line and off line training sessions.
Lahore , Pakistan  

Pre-launch of ITC Market Analysis Tools

Following the establishment of the WTO reference centre at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce, a pre-launch of ITC Market Analysis Tools was held, followed by a short induction course on its use. These ITC web-based tools provide online access to a database on product trade flows and market access barriers for international business development.
Lahore , Pakistan  

Private Sector Services Symposium

The Pakistani Institute of Management, in conjunction with the International Trade Centre, hosted a Services Symposium on 31 May 2005 in Karachi . Private sector representatives from the financial, information technology, construction, and professional service sectors were brought together as panelists to discuss trade constraints. Representatives from the Ministry of Commerce, the Export Promotion Bureau and the provinsional governments actively participated in the meeting, responding in detail to a number of concerns raised by services exporters on WTO related issues. The symposium discussed many GATS issues and identified general and sector-specific market constraints to export of services.
Karachi , Pakistan

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Launch of ITC Market Analysis Tools

A series of two-day introductory workshops on market analysis and the use of ITC’s market analysis tools were held in Islamabad , Karachi and Lahore . The workshops included over 50 participants from various institutions. The mission marked the launch of TradeMap Pakistan.

During the mission, a thorough training needs assessment was conducted amongst participants of the institutions concerned. The needs assessment identified nine organizations in Pakistan through which dissemination of the market analysis tools and techniques will take place. Among the most commonly expressed training needs featured the reinforcement of skills with the tools, training of trainers to disseminate use, and building capacity to provide standard outputs for clients. On the basis of the training needs assessment, a comprehensive schedule of ‘Training of Trainers’ and ‘Advanced’ workshops is planned to address the needs identified.

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Successful Services Export Training

An international expert and a national expert developed a comprehensive training course on Successful Services Exporting. The training was organized from 2-4 June and counted with participation from officers of the Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan (EPB). Thirteen participants from EPB with services portfolios were nominated to undertake the course over three days.
Karachi , Pakistan Related documents

Seminar on negotiations in agriculture

A five-day seminar at ITC in Geneva was held on WTO negotiations in agriculture for five trade officials from the Government of Pakistan as well as for officials and negotiators from the Permanent Mission in Geneva . The meeting counted with more than 22 speakers from a wide array of backgrounds. The aim was to provide participants with knowledge and background information on the current trade talks on agriculture, enabling them to participate more effectively in ongoing WTO negotiations.
Geneva , Switzerland Related documents
June – July

Seminar on negotiations in services

A five-day training seminar on the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) for trade officials and negotiators from Pakistan was held in Geneva from 27 June to 1 July. The discussions focused on issues dominating the current GATS negotiations, described the state-of-play, highlighted negotiating and services marketing strategies for developing countries, and outlined possible outcomes.
Geneva , Switzerland Related documents

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