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(Population 810,000) is the capital city of Pakistan, located in the north-east of the country.

Situated at the edge of the Potohar plateau, south of the Margalla hills. The modern capital Islamabad and the ancient city of Rawalpindi stand side by side, displaying the country’s past and present.

For sightseeing, the views from the sculpted gardens of Islamabad's Shakparian Hill, the fascinating Heritage Museum and huge marble Shah Faisal Mosque are highlights of the modern city. To the west of Islamabad is the Buddhist site of Taxila, dating from 500BC. The sculptures show a strong Greek influence, a result of Alexander the Great's journey through the region.The commercial center of the city is known as the Blue Area running along the length of Jinnah Avenue. Its eastern end runs into Parliament Road, where the majority of government buildings are located.

The city is very green, with much afforestation of what was formerly scrub forest and open ground. The city's climate has enabled many exotic plants to be introduced to the area. There is also much wildlife in the north in the Margallas, which have been turned into a national park.