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Upcoming activities 2006 Component 3

Second quarter

Training of Patent Examiners

A training course is envisaged, tentatively scheduled in Karachi in the first quarter of 2006 to acquaint patent examiners with modern examination techniques and thereby increase their professional skills.

Karachi, Pakistan
Second quarter

Development of a Website

A user-friendly web site is to be developed for IPO-Pakistan to facilitate dissemination of IP information and use of the IP system by potential stakeholders

Islamabad, Pakistan
Second quarter

Provision of IP Reference/Public Outreach Material

IPO-Pakistan is to be supplied with core IP reference material, comprising textbooks and studies on major areas of IP, to help it build up an IP library for its staff and other users.

In addition, the translation/reprint of some WIPO outreach material is envisaged for use by IPO-Pakistan in its outreach programs

Islamabad, Pakistan
Second quarter

First draft of National IP Strategy Paper

For comments by WIPO & IPO-Pakistan