Services Training, Geneva 2005

EC Part 1 Presentation Services
EC Part 2 Presentation Services

ICTSD Brief Services
ICTSD Paper 2 Services
ICTSD Paper 3 Services
ICTSD Paper Services
ICTSD Presentation Services
ITU Presentation Services
Mexico Presentation Services
WTO Health Services Presentation
UAE Presentation Services
World Bank Paper Services
World Bank Presentation Services
WTO Education Services Presentation
WTO Financial Services Presentation
WTO GATS rules Presentation Services
WTO Maritime Services Presentation

Seminar on negotiations in services, June/July 2005, Geneva

Final meeting report Services Seminar

Private Sector Services Symposium, May 2005, Karachi

Challenges for Business

Launch of ITC Market Analysis Tools, May 2005, Islamabad , Karachi & Lahore

Illustrative Workshop Agenda
Participant list MAS workshops
Introductory Presentation Workshop
Training needs assessment

Successful Services Export Training, June 2005, Karachi

Service Export Training June 05 Final Report

Survey of selected leading Trade Promotion Organizations around the world

Study of the Role of TPO in WTO Matters-MiscPaper-Nov05

Services export training, September, Karachi

Service Export Training September 05 Final Report

Seminars on WTO agreements and Doha negotiations, September/October 2005, Islamabad , Karachi & Lahore

Report Training on WTO

Conference on GATS in Trade in Services, November 2005, Lahore

Brochure Conference on GATS

Roundtable on strengthening public-private trade policy consultation mechanism, November 2005, Lahore

Roundtable Programme
Roundtable participants
Roundtable Presentation - Overview of consultation mechanisms
International comparative study - Formatted

Roundtable on Integrated Management of IP , August 2005, Islamabad

Programme Roundtable on Integrated Management of IP

Agriculture Training, Geneva 2005

G-10 Communique
G-10 Pape
G-20 Paper
List Participants and Speakers
Training Programme

Seminar on negotiations in agriculture

Final meeting report agriculture

Agriculture seminar, 2006

Agriculture seminar proceedings
Pakistan Agriculture study


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