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Geneva (ITC)
Ms. Lilia Hachem Naas
Senior Trade Promotion Officer
OAPLAC, Division of Technical
Cooperation Coordination
International Trade Centre
E-mail: naas@intracen.org

Mr. Arif Ahmed Khan

National Programme Coordinator
Components 1 (ITC) and 3 (WIPO)
EC-TRTA Programme Office
House # 2 Street # 59
F-8/4, Islamabad
Email: khan-arif@intracen.org

Geneva (WIPO)
Ms. Françoise SIMON-VIANES
Senior Program Officer
Economic Development
Bureau for Asia and the Pacific
World Intellectual Property Organisation
E-mail: francoise.simon-vianes@wipo.int

Vienna (UNIDO)
Mr. Steffen Kaeser
Industrial Development Officer
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Vienna International Centre
E-mail: S.Kaeser@unido.org

Mr. Zawdu Felleke

Chief Technical Advisor
Component 2 (UNIDO)
EC-TRTA Project Management
P.O. Box 1051, 2nd Floor,
Saudi Park Tower, Islamabad
Email: zfelleke@unido.org.pk

Pakistan (Delegation of the European Commission)
Ms. Roshan Ara
Economic Advisor
EC Delegation to Pakistan
House 9, Street 88,
Sector G6-3
Islamabad, Pakistan
E-mail: roshan.ARA@cec.eu.int